343 Industries Has Reportedly Been Working On A New Halo Since 2022

343 Industries Has Reportedly Been Working On A New Halo Since 2022

Date: January 10, 2024

By Hanna Rose

343 Industries has reportedly been developing a new Halo game in UE5 since 2022.

As per information on art director Justin Dinges’ LinkedIn profile, 343 Industries commenced the development of a new Halo game in 2022, merely a few months after the release of Infinite. Specifics about this project remain undisclosed, but insights from senior character system designer Ian Slutz’s profile hint at a potential shift in the series. Slutz mentions, “Building player systems and assets in Unreal Engine 5,” suggesting a new direction for the iconic franchise.

This aligns with previous reports from October, indicating that 343 Industries is working on a new Halo campaign in UE5, corroborated by Seasoned Gaming’s Ainsley Bowden, who notes that it is part of a restructuring effort aimed at shaping the next generation of Halo.

Notably, the Halo engine is recognized for its technical and engineering-centric nature, posing challenges for creative professionals. There were significant efforts during the development of Halo 4 to enhance the engine, as highlighted in an interview with IGN, where it was acknowledged for achieving impressive visuals on the last generation platform.

In October of the previous year, Jeremy Penter (known as YouTuber ACG) suggested a shift to Unreal Engine for Halo, following reported issues with the Slipspace Engine. Halo Infinite, initially intended as a launch title for the Xbox Series X/S in 2020, faced delays until December 2021, accompanied by performance issues and substantial content cuts.

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Considering the information from various sources and Slutz’s LinkedIn profile, it appears increasingly probable that the next installment in the Halo series will utilize Unreal Engine 5. This move is not unique, as other prominent titles such as The Witcher 4, Tekken 8, Stalker 2, Ark 2, Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest 12, Kingdom Hearts 4, Killing Floor 3, Silent Hill 2 remake, and Avowed are also adopting Unreal Engine 5. Notably, Avowed is an Obsidian Entertainment title, indicating Xbox’s familiarity with Epic’s engine.

While details are gradually emerging, it’s evident that the next Halo game is still in early development, with the industry experiencing lengthier development times over the past decade. As of now, the project has been in progress for just under two years.

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