A New Haunted Chocolatier Screenshot Has Sparked Some Wild Fan Theories

A New Haunted Chocolatier Screenshot Has Sparked Some Wild Fan Theories

Since its initial announcement almost two years ago, details about Haunted Chocolatier, the upcoming game by creator Eric “Concerned Ape” Barone, have been scarce. This scarcity is mainly because Barone has been dedicated to ongoing work on Stardew Valley Update 1.6. However, he occasionally teases fans with in-game screenshots on Twitter, and a recent one has caused quite a buzz.

A New Haunted Chocolatier Screenshot Has Sparked Some Wild Fan Theories

In this latest screenshot, an elderly man is seen lying in bed with the main character of Haunted Chocolatier standing beside him. The man’s identity remains a mystery, but he mentions having a “terrible dream,” leaving fans speculating.

The prevailing theory among fans suggests a connection to Stardew Valley. In Stardew Valley, players inherit a farm from their grandpa upon his passing. Some fans now speculate that this Haunted Chocolatier screenshot hints that Stardew Valley might have been a dream all along, and grandpa is simply asleep.

Another fan named Mads proposes a different twist, suggesting that this grandpa is the same character from Stardew Valley but owns both a farm and a chocolate factory. He leaves each property to one of his two grandchildren to carry on the family legacy, raising questions about how he can die in two different places simultaneously.

Other theories include the possibility of Haunted Chocolatier being a prequel, with grandpa passing away in a different location before Stardew Valley. Additionally, some speculate a connection to the upcoming Stardew Valley update, as the “???”

The use of “???” to hide grandpa’s name is similar to a recent hint dropped by Barone.

Regardless of the theories, it’s clear that Eric Barone has a knack for generating excitement and speculation within the gaming community, as his enigmatic teasers continue to captivate social media.

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