Always Online PlayStation Portal Has Airplane Mode

Always Online PlayStation Portal Has Airplane Mode

Date: November 20, 2023

By Hanna Rose

PlayStation Portal is online only but still has airplane mode front and centre, for some reason.

The online requirements of the PlayStation Portal can be a deal-breaker for many users, but those who acquired the console at launch may have come to terms with it. However, a surprising discovery has left players taken aback – a prominently featured airplane mode toggle that could render the console useless.

What’s perplexing is the conspicuous placement of the airplane mode button. While its presence on the console isn’t unexpected, the decision to make it so prominent raises questions, especially since using it seems pointless. After all, if you’re on an airplane, it’s more practical to turn the console off entirely, as gaming during a flight is impractical.

As the PlayStation Portal reaches the hands of fans in recent days, the attention-grabbing airplane mode feature has sparked discussions. Some fans have speculated that the user interface might be modeled after devices with a more significant need for airplane mode, but the overt inclusion remains peculiar. It feels like a reminder that the console becomes a mere useless screen without an internet connection.

Optimistic fans are hopeful that this might indicate the possibility of offline play in the future, suggesting that the Portal’s reliance on the internet might not be permanent. However, the feasibility of this idea is questionable, considering the Portal is designed as a “portal” to the PS5, lacking access to Sony’s complete game library and only offering games available on the home console. Without a substantial hardware upgrade, downloading games to the Portal seems unlikely in the near future.

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Despite this notable drawback, the PlayStation Portal has still managed to amass a substantial user base. Recent reports indicate that the Portal is being resold for over $400, significantly higher than its original $199 price.

Legitimate retailers are mostly sold out at the moment, possibly indicating higher demand than Sony anticipated. Fortunately, more stock is on the way, alleviating concerns about relying on scalpers to secure one before the holidays, though competition among fans for the available units may still be fierce.

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