Armored Core 6 Modders Are Working On A 6-Player Co-Op Mode

Armored Core 6 Modders Are Working On A 6-Player Co-Op Mode

Date: November 22, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Armored Core 6 will be getting seamless 6-player co-op in the future.

Armored Core 6 offers a predominantly solitary gaming experience, teaming players with a friendly AI pilot for occasional missions, with the only interaction with other players occurring in the competitive multiplayer arena mode. Presently, there’s no option for players to join forces with friends and tackle the game’s challenging missions together. However, modders are actively working to make this cooperative gameplay a reality in the future.

LukeYui, a well-known YouTuber among FromSoftware fans, gained recognition for creating a seamless co-op experience in Elden Ring, allowing players to stay in a friend’s world even after defeating a major adversary. Now, LukeYui is extending these efforts to Armored Core 6, aiming to enable players to embark on the game’s missions collaboratively from start to finish.

Although the cooperative mode is likely still in development and not yet ready for public release, LukeYui shared a work-in-progress video on their YouTube channel earlier this week. The video features the “Attack the Watchpoint” mission in Chapter 1, where LukeYui and fellow modder inuNorri face various challenges, culminating in a battle against the notorious Balteus boss.

Adapting Armored Core 6’s single-player campaign into a cooperative experience requires significant balancing work, as noted by LukeYui in the video description. While the showcased video lacks balance, the modder assures that enemy scaling will be implemented in the full release, allowing the host to adjust the difficulty based on the number of players. LukeYui promises that every mission in the game will be playable in co-op mode, and the player party will persist between missions, eliminating the need for constant reconnections.

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Although no release date is provided, LukeYui mentions that the mod is currently in the alpha stage, suggesting that players may need to wait a bit for its completion. In unrelated Armored Core 6 news, YouTuber Zullie The Witch recently obtained accurate measurements of the game’s massive satellites featured in the finale, comparing their size to that of Elden Ring. It turns out that these satellites are substantial, with just one of them from Armored Core being large enough to cover Elden Ring’s entire map.

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