Baldur’s Gate 3 Fan Gives Halsin A Beard, Everyone Immediately Thirsts

Baldur's Gate 3 Fan Gives Halsin A Beard, Everyone Immediately Thirsts

Date: December 26, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Apparently, Halsin can get even hotter. One fan gave him a beard and the community dropped to their hands and knees in the Lower City car park.

Fans of Baldur’s Gate 3 have always been enamored with Halsin. As a robust and rugged druid, it’s no wonder they’re smitten. Not to mention, during those cozy camp nights, he can transform into a bear for some ‘cuddling’ sessions. However, one fan decided to take Halsin’s allure up a notch by giving him a beard. Lo and behold, the community’s thirst reached new heights.

Now, Halsin being a wood elf in the Dungeons & Dragons lore means he shouldn’t have a beard. Similar to my boss, actually. But many fans aren’t too keen on that particular piece of lore, either choosing to overlook it or offering creative explanations. “We have magic to grant eternal life,” suggested kemuelsoleil101. “Any novice should be able to make alchemical Rogaine.”

Some fans believe the bearded Halsin resembles Ketheric Thorm, while others humorously suggest he looks like he only partially transformed from bear form. Not everyone is on board with the beard, though. One player mentioned that the beard obscures their favorite part of Halsin’s design—his jaw. Another claimed he looks “less daddy” with facial hair. Despite some dissenting opinions, the comments overall are so thirsty that you’d think the Sword Coast had run dry.

“Oh my god, he looks good,” succinctly put dirt_rat_devil_boy. “Well, dayum, I’d climb that mountain,” added NerysWyn. “Changed his class from druid to daddy,” quipped Righteous_Neutrality. “I figured a beard would make him hotter, but I wasn’t expecting him to be that much hotter,” commented EonThief.

With 1,500 upvotes and over 200 comments at the time of writing, one thing is evident—fans believe elves should be allowed to have beards, damn it. “He looks better,” declared renz004. “I’d actually use him if he had a beard.” Now, when we say “use,” do we mean in our party or…?

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This week, it’s not just Halsin sparking fan enthusiasm. The new Christmas animated short has fans practically popping their eyes out like cartoon characters, especially when it comes to Karlach and Mizora. Mizora, who struck a devilish deal with Wyll, sent a framed picture of themselves to the Balde of Frontiers, while Karlach can be seen cozying up to Astarion and Shadowheart.

“I’m literally on my hands and knees for Mizora,” exclaimed Splicer07. Well, you and half the Baldur’s Gate 3 fandom. It seems we’re all just Gale at launch, if you think about it.

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