Baldur’s Gate 3 Lead Says “There’s Almost Nobody Left” On D&D Team From First Meetings

Baldur's Gate 3 Lead Says There's Almost Nobody Left On D&D Team From First Meetings

Date: December 14, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Baldur’s Gate 3 lead Swen Vincke has revealed that almost everyone on Wizard’s D&D team who greenlit the game has since been let go.

The gaming industry has faced a challenging year, despite the continuous release of high-quality titles in 2023. Unfortunately, the individuals responsible for creating these games are experiencing layoffs, mistreatment, and complete studio closures. Developers live in constant fear of losing their livelihoods, exemplified by Hasbro laying off 1,100 people even after the success of Baldur’s Gate 3.

The situation has become so dire that even those behind the most successful games of 2023 are no longer associated with the companies benefiting from their creative work. Using Baldur’s Gate 3 as an illustration again, Larian CEO Swen Vincke recently disclosed that there’s “almost nobody left” from the Dungeons & Dragons team at Wizards of the Coast who initially approved the game.

Vincke expressed his gratitude on his personal Twitter account to those who contributed to making Baldur’s Gate 3 a reality. He had intended to convey this appreciation during his Game of the Year acceptance speech at The Game Awards, but he was swiftly ushered off-stage. In the Twitter thread, Vincke disclosed that nearly everyone from the original meeting room for Baldur’s Gate 3 has been let go.

While layoffs are not uncommon in the gaming industry, this year has witnessed an almost unprecedented number, with major players like BioWare, CD Projekt Red, and Bungie collectively letting go of hundreds of workers. Some well-known studios have also closed, notably Embracer shutting down Saints Row developer Volition and Timesplitters developer Free Radical Design.

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Even massive companies are not immune, as seen with Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, laying off nearly 900 workers in September. Microsoft also laid off 10,000 employees earlier in the year, reportedly impacting developers such as Bethesda, The Coalition, and Halo developer 343 Industries. While there’s a quiet hope for improvement next year, there are also concerns that the situation could deteriorate further.

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