Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Makes Party Of 12 Spiders

Baldur's Gate 3 Player Makes Party Of 12 Spiders

Date: December 27, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Someone made a Baldur’s Gate 3 party with 12 spiders and I’m begging Karlach to burn it with fire.

“Who in their right mind would dare inquire about the number of spiders in their party?” is a question best left unspoken. Absolutely no one should entertain it. Regardless of the count, even one spider is too many! Nevertheless, EduEpsilon has taken on the challenge and provided an answer. Hooray for us – they managed to amass a total of 12 of these eerie arachnids emerging from a cave in Baldur’s Gate 3, all captured for our curious eyes.

EduEpsilon, a “Level 3 beastmaster,” began by detailing how they orchestrated this unsettling gathering, in case anyone else had the inclination to replicate it. “Utilize the Ranger’s Companion and Find Familiar to summon two spiders, then multiclass to druid, invest two levels to access Wild Shape: Spider. Repeat this process with every member of your party, and voila, you have a dozen spiders. Alternatively, you could employ Fungal Infestation from the Circle of Spores druid if you come across spider corpses.”

While attempting to reanimate the carcasses of deceased spiders to augment this repulsive swarm might not yield results, eager players in the comments shared their own suggestions. “Retrieve spider eggs from the hilltop near the back entrance to the grove for an even larger swarm,” suggested Grouchy-Pen-3278. Or, perhaps, it’s best not to.

Fortunately, the eggs spawn one-time spiders that, once vanquished, remain lifeless. With a mere six HP, they succumb easily.

Some enthusiasts are turning to mods to amplify the terror of this concept, such as the no limits add-on that enables you to bring along every companion, not just three. With this modification, you could potentially command a legion of 45 spiders. While the notion may be off-putting, the image of scores of spiders descending on Cazador for a feast is starting to grow on me.

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This peculiar party might seem tailor-made for an evil playthrough, engaging in the most heinous deeds in the Sword Coast, all while masquerading as a pack of spiders. However, there’s potential for a more heroic adventure – imagine saving people who, upon glimpsing your spider-filled assembly, might question if they’re truly in need of rescue. The tieflings may have survived Act 1 unscathed, but they had to share their journey with shape-shifting spiders. Consider the nightmares that ensued.

Even releasing Halsin from his cage would introduce a bear into this mix. It might seem a tad out of place, but then again, having 12 spiders assist a camp full of tieflings is hardly a conventional occurrence. But this is Dungeons & Dragons; eccentricities are par for the course.

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