Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Are Working Out How Everyone Survived The Crash

Baldur's Gate 3 Players Are Working Out How Everyone Survived The Crash

Date: January 15, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Fans even think they’ve found Karlach’s pod.

Our journey commences in Baldur’s Gate 3 aboard a Nautiloid ship hurtling through the void at full speed. Dragons besiege alongside horned demons, slaughtering mind flayers while those in the pods desperately bang on the glass, yearning to escape.

After the crash, we awaken on the riverside, searching for other survivors. Despite the great height we fell from, fans are attempting to piece together how we landed unscathed.

The Dark Urge / Tav Dark Urge and Tav play a crucial role – our Guardian ensures our safe landing as part of their master plan to defeat the Absolute. This results in our bewildered state on the sand, gazing at the sky, contemplating what must have been quite a morning awakening.

Shadowheart and Lae’zel Before the crash, we struggle to the helm of the Nautiloid ship with Lae’zel and possibly Shadowheart, if you release her from her pod. The Guardian likely saves them as well, especially since Shadowheart originally carries the artifact.

Astarion “I saw you scuttling about on the ship,” accuses Astarion, believing you work for the mind flayers. Likely inside a pod, he observed silently instead of seeking help like Shadowheart. When the ship crashed, the pod absorbed most of the damage, allowing our newfound daywalker to bask in sunlight for the first time in two centuries.

Gale Without a pod or the Guardian’s aid, Gale is flung from the sky to certain doom. He would have perished, triggering a nuclear Netherese orb, if not for his quick thinking. Spotting a portal, he pulled himself into it, resulting in a dangling palm seeking our assistance.

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Karlach We encounter Karlach much later in Act 1, hiding along a river as she plans to take down a group of supposed “paladins.” Like Astarion, she likely survived the crash in a pod, and fans believe they’ve located her landing site. A comment by Misaka9982 suggests, “There’s another pod with some fire around it near the owlbear cave,” possibly Karlach’s.

Wyll Wyll, unfamiliar with any of us or the ship, presumably did not wake up onboard. He likely survived thanks to a pod, or some suggest Mizora may have played a role in keeping her trophy alive. Regardless, he reaches the Grove ahead of us, diligently working to protect the Sword Coast.

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