Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Have Somehow Killed Mizora And Withers

Baldur's Gate 3 Players Have Somehow Killed Mizora And Withers

Date: January 03, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Mizora and Withers are supposed to be unkillable at camp, but that didn’t stop these players.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Withers and Mizora possess a form of immortality. Withers being an ancient god and Mizora, a devil, holds Wyll captive with a precarious contract. These two characters are akin to ‘essential NPCs,’ more significant than the typical goblins encountered on the road. Despite their seemingly indestructible nature, inventive players have discovered ways to expedite their departure from the Sword Coast.

A player on the game’s subreddit, CAPHILL, shared an unexpected method for dispatching Withers. Although Withers is believed to be impervious to death, CAPHILL managed to use Ability Drain to reduce his intelligence to zero, resulting in his demise. Choosing not to reload the game, they observed the impact on the subsequent ‘gathering’ speech. After a rest, Withers’ once formidable existence transformed into a mere pouch, indicating a seemingly irreversible fate.

Suggestions to simply return to camp and resurrect Withers were countered by the realization that this particular god couldn’t be brought back. Attempts by another player, DTraitor, to replicate this method on Mizora, the other ‘immortal’ NPC, were successful during Act 2. By using Drain Ability (INT) along with Absorb Intellect, Mizora was reduced to ashes without dragging Wyll into the fiery depths of Avernus.

While this act may seem final, considering Mizora’s demonic nature, she is expected to reassemble herself eventually. It’s doubtful that the game’s developers anticipated players bypassing the ‘unkillable’ rule. Therefore, there’s likely no need to worry about a vengeful devil interrupting long rests. However, the lingering threat of an aggrieved Mizora will forever loom over Wyll.

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While killing Mizora may not pose significant technical issues, dealing with Withers presents challenges. Losing Withers means no more Hirelings and, worse yet, no resurrections. In the absence of a resurrection scroll, Withers becomes unavailable to assist when needed. Although reloading a saved game can bring him back, it may not be a viable option for those attempting an Honour Mode run, where only one save file is allowed. In such cases, the consequences of a deceased Withers would be permanent, potentially introducing an intriguing challenge mode on top of an already demanding difficulty level.

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