Baldur’s Gate 3 Writer Made Astarion A “Giant Dumbass” On Purpose

Baldur's Gate 3 Writer Made Astarion A Giant Dumbass On Purpose

Date: January 11, 2024

By Hanna Rose

“Astarion’s sweet brain may be a bit less wrinkled than the rest, but you hunger for its teasing cells.”

Astarion possesses a touch of himbo charm. Despite being an ancient vampire magistrate in Baldur’s Gate 3, accompany him for more than five minutes, and you’ll soon realize how easily he becomes disoriented. This trait is no accident, as senior writer Stephen Rooney reveals he infused some of his own personality into the endearing blood-sucker.

A fan shared a screenshot of Astarion exclaiming, “A pixie! An honest-to-goodness pixie,” right after expressing disapproval of Tav freeing said pixie. While memory loss is a tadpole side-effect, with the Absolute and our Guardian suppressing its influence, it’s unclear if he can use that excuse this time.

Rooney, emphasizing the importance of personal connection in character creation, quote retweeted, “I never feel more seen than when Astarion is being a giant dumbass.”

Astarion’s clumsiness is evident in his attempt to hide his vampiric nature in Act 1. Despite having red eyes and fangs, he tries to divert attention. For instance, after discovering a boar bled dry post-camping, he suspiciously guides you away. This behavior contradicts his usual stance on looting dead creatures along the road.

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His less-than-subtle murder of a vampire hunter and a failed attempt to bite you in the night further expose his true nature. Astarion’s planning “skills” involve a simple strategy: enter, kill, and flee. His impulsiveness shines through, lacking foresight, especially evident in dealing with Cazador after two centuries. Despite his shortcomings, Astarion’s improvisational skills and survival struggles during his 200 years under Cazador’s oppressive rule endear him to everyone.

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