Bethesda Rejected An Elder Scrolls Spin-Off From The Fallout New Vegas Devs

Bethesda Rejected An Elder Scrolls Spin-Off From The Fallout New Vegas Devs

Date: December 18, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Obsidian pitched several Elder Scrolls games to Bethesda, including one that would have acted like a New Vegas-style spin-off.

Obsidian Entertainment reportedly presented several game concepts within the Elder Scrolls universe to Bethesda, one of which could have served as a Fallout New Vegas-inspired spin-off adventure had it not been rejected.

While Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 enjoy widespread popularity, Fallout New Vegas remains a standout among fans of the series. Over the years, the Mojave Wasteland journey has come to exemplify the potential of a contemporary Fallout RPG. Interestingly, it appears that a similar approach was nearly applied to the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Game writer Chris Avellone, known for his work on Fallout New Vegas and titles like Dying Light 2 (prior to his removal due to settled sexual assault allegations), retweeted a 2022 news story from 80 Level, confirming that Obsidian had pitched multiple Elder Scrolls spin-off ideas after completing Fallout New Vegas.

Avellone reiterated that the proposals included various concepts for Elder Scrolls games, with one envisioned as a spin-off adventure bridging the gap between mainline titles, similar to Fallout New Vegas’ role between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. The objective was to provide Bethesda with additional development time for their “core releases” by having Obsidian create a game set in the same world during the interim.

Avellone stated, “This is true. I proposed an Elder Scrolls concept with the aim of fulfilling a role similar to what Fallout New Vegas accomplished between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 — offering additional adventures within the setting in the period leading up to the subsequent Bethesda release.

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While it might seem surprising for Bethesda to reject such a promising idea, it’s worth noting that Fallout New Vegas initially received mixed reviews at launch before evolving into a cult classic over time. Avellone acknowledged that the reception to Fallout New Vegas might have influenced the decision to turn down the Elder Scrolls pitches.

He mentioned, “Not surprisingly, it didn’t gain much traction – I never got the impression Beths. was happy with FNV’s reception (good and bad).” Although details about the other Elder Scrolls projects pitched by Obsidian remain undisclosed, the shared affiliation under Xbox’s umbrella raises the possibility of these concepts seeing the light of day in the future.

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