Death Stranding 2 Launching In 2025, According To Artist

Death Stranding 2 Launching In 2025, According To Artist

Date: November 24, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Death Stranding 2’s launch window might have just leaked, as it’s listed for a 2025 release.

There is speculation that Death Stranding 2 might be released in 2025, as suggested by one of the game’s artists on their online portfolio. In this portfolio, the artist includes Death Stranding 2 among their projects with a projected release year of 2025, raising the possibility of an official release date announcement in the near future.

If the game indeed launches in 2025, it would mark a six-year gap between the original and its sequel, indicating a substantial development period. However, Kojima Productions has not responded to this potential leak, leaving uncertainty about the accuracy of the 2025 release window.

The discovery of this release date information was made by a user named Red Kong XIX on the ResetEra forum. The artist’s name has not been disclosed, but they are credited in the games listed on their ArtStation portfolio.

A complicating factor is that, according to the original poster, the artist is employed by a third-party company collaborating with Kojima Productions. It remains unclear whether the artist would have accurate knowledge of the unannounced release date, making the 2025 projection speculative rather than confirmed.

Nevertheless, the suggested release window appears plausible, considering typical game development timelines. While some fans may be disappointed by the potential wait for the highly anticipated sequel, the prospect of a release within this half of the decade is welcomed news, given the extended development cycles in the current gaming generation.

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With The Game Awards approaching, there is anticipation that these rumors may be addressed soon. The December 7 showcase could potentially unveil an official release date or, at the very least, confirm a 2025 launch. Optimistic fans might hope for an even earlier release date, but only time will reveal Kojima Productions’ current plans and progress on the sequel.

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