Dragon Ball Fans Want Sparking: Zero To Bring Back Loading Screen Minigames

Dragon Ball Fans Want Sparking Zero To Bring Back Loading Screen Minigames

Date: December 29, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Dragon Ball fans are hopeful that Sparking: Zero is finally going to bring back Budokai Tenkaichi’s iconic loading screens.

Dragon Ball enthusiasts are anticipating the return of Budokai Tenkaichi’s classic loading screen minigames with the release of Sparking: Zero. These beloved features have been absent from the series for quite some time.

While our exposure to Sparking: Zero has been limited, it appears to be striving to fulfill the long-standing desires of Budokai Tenkaichi fans. The game has already been confirmed to boast a “historic” roster size, and familiar gameplay mechanics like beam clashes and various character variants are making a comeback. Even Hercule’s notorious special move seems to be making a return.

Despite Sparking: Zero aiming to be the ultimate Dragon Ball game, there remain uncertainties about its content, such as the inclusion of what-if characters like Super Saiyan 3 Broly and Vegeta. The most significant query among fans revolves around the potential return of the loading screen minigames, a feature that defined earlier Dragon Ball games.

In the past, Dragon Ball games on recent consoles featured entertaining minigames during loading screens, allowing players to engage in activities like button-mashing for Vegeta’s push-ups or manipulating Dragon Balls. Despite their popularity and status as iconic elements in earlier titles, recent games like Kakarot, FighterZ, and XenoVerse have omitted these minigames. Given Sparking: Zero’s strong connection to Budokai Tenkaichi and its position as the fourth installment in the series, fans are hopeful for their revival.

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While the current-gen nature of Sparking: Zero suggests shorter loading times, there’s still hope for the return of minigames. Redditor XX-Burner suggests the inclusion of an option to press a button to continue, allowing players to enjoy the minigame at their discretion.

As we await further details on Sparking: Zero, including loading screen times and the potential inclusion of minigames, fans emphasize the importance of preserving this iconic aspect of the series, viewing it as a significant missed opportunity if overlooked.

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