Elden Ring Player Puts Together Christmas Build, Decorates The Lands Between

Elden Ring Player Puts Together Christmas Build, Decorates The Lands Between

Date: December 25, 2023

By Hanna Rose

One Elden Ring player is spreading decorations across The Lands Between, but with a cruel FromSoft twist.

When you hear the term ‘festive game,’ Elden Ring, the challenging open-world Soulslike filled with death and despair, probably doesn’t come to mind. However, one player, ParryWeasel, is determined to change that perception this year. They’ve crafted a unique build named O Cryptmas Tree, assuming the guise of a reindeer while spreading holiday decorations throughout The Lands Between.

Adorned with antlers, a radiant white torch, and an abundance of rainbow stones, ParryWeasel embarked on a mission to invade hosts and infuse their worlds with Christmas joy. Remarkably, one generous host even relinquished a stash of max-level weapons for ParryWeasel, likely obtained through dubious means, but the sentiment was appreciated.

Fear not; it’s just the casting of Christmas Cheer. The hosts become so merry that they transform into Christmas Trees—a heartwarming touch!

However, there’s a FromSoft twist to this festive spirit. In Elden Ring, merely being a joyful invader distributing colorful stones isn’t sufficient. Once the worlds are adequately adorned, ParryWeasel shifts gears to eliminate the hosts. A touch of poison gas, a bit of petrification into a tree—harmless, surely. But for added caution, if you encounter O Cryptmas Tree on PlayStation, don’t let your guard down too much.

Concerns arise from a commenter: “He gifts, you kill?” Worried about unsuspecting Tarnished falling into the trap of a seemingly benevolent Christmas invader. “I’m just trying to decorate The Lands Between,” reassures ParryWeasel. Once again, seemingly harmless.

If you’re interested in adorning Elden Ring’s desolate landscapes yourself, rainbow stones are readily accessible. Craftable and farmable in Caelid, you can carry 99 and store 600—more than enough to inject a bit of festivity into Elden Ring. Perhaps Radagon and Malenia will sheathe their swords for the season, although indications suggest they aren’t the jolly type.

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It’s a delightful and amusing build captured in a video, yet ParryWeasel isn’t finished. “I’ve just begun working on another Christmas-themed video, so let’s see if I can make you feel even jollier,” they tease one commenter.

Others are joining in the festive spirit as well. There’s an in-game merchant resembling Santa from the start, and YouTuber Kidnapping the Time achieved the extraordinary feat of defeating Malenia while dressed as Santa, unscathed and at level one—a true Christmas miracle.

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