Fallout Creator Tim Cain Is Consulting On The Outer Worlds 2

Fallout Creator Tim Cain Is Consulting On The Outer Worlds 2

Date: January 04, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Fallout creator Tim Cain is returning to The Outer Worlds as a consultant on its sequel.

Tim Cain, the mastermind behind Fallout, has partially retired to dedicate his time to his YouTube channel, where he delves into his experiences in game development and pursues smaller, solo projects. Before taking a step back, he led the development of The Outer Worlds, a game described as “Fallout meets Firefly.” However, there has been speculation about his involvement in the sequel. As it turns out, he is serving as a consultant.

During a conversation with Rock Paper Shotgun, Cain disclosed, “There are elements in the sequel that, naturally, I cannot discuss openly. However, I’ve been brought in because it aligns with my past experiences. I won’t dictate what to do, but I’ll highlight the pitfalls – the massive challenges you’ll need to navigate carefully.”

Cain’s connection to Fallout is not the only tie The Outer Worlds shares. Obsidian, the developer, created the spin-off New Vegas, considered by many fans as the pinnacle of the series. The company itself is comprised of former Black Isle Studios developers, the team behind Fallout 2, the last isometric game in the series before Bethesda acquired the rights and transformed it into a 3D shooter.

Although Cain refrains from disclosing specifics about The Outer Worlds 2, he did share an anecdote about assisting the team with insights from his previous experience on the Fallout series. During development, Obsidian encountered a problem that Cain had also faced nearly three decades ago when working on the original Fallout.

“I not only told him how impressed I was, I found my notes from 28 years before,” Cain said. “Let me read you a few lines from a production meeting in July of ’95…”

Reflecting on his role as a game director, Cain acknowledged the less enjoyable aspects but expressed his satisfaction with projects like Pillars of Eternity, conceptualized by Josh Sawyer. He emphasized his confidence in the capable hands overseeing the development.

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The announcement of The Outer Worlds 2 came in early 2021, with no specific release date provided. Considering Obsidian’s engagement with Avowed, an upcoming Xbox-exclusive RPG akin to Elder Scrolls, the sequel could potentially launch in the coming years, possibly as soon as next year or extending to 2026.

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