First Look At Bitty Funko Pop! Town Death Star And Batman Displays

First Look At Bitty Funko Pop! Town Death Star And Batman Displays

Date: January 23, 2024

By Hanna Rose

There is no better place to put your Star Wars Bitty Pops than on their very own Death Star. It’s safe, I swear.

Securing the Funko Pops you desire is only part of the challenge. Deciding on suitable ways to showcase your collection can be a bit daunting, whether you have five or 50 figures. While placing them on a shelf or adorning your desk is an option, you might be seeking a more distinctive presentation for your cherished Pops. If that’s the case, and I assume it is since you’re reading this, Funko has unveiled two new Bitty Pop! displays explicitly designed for exhibiting your miniature figures.

Unveiled at the recent London Toy Fair (thanks to Funko Pop News), these displays are crafted with your DC and Star Wars Pops in mind, though you can certainly use them for any figures you fancy. Imagining scenarios like Spider-Man swinging onto the Death Star becomes a possibility. Each display accommodates 18 figures, but there’s a catch.

The Death Star and Bat Symbol displays are tailored for Bitty Pops, the smaller versions of standard Funko Pops officially known as Bitty Pop! Towns. They can hold up to 18 figures, whether inside their boxes or arranged outside for a more lifelike scene from Star Wars or Batman. The Death Star shelf, in particular, pays homage to the iconic location from the original Star Wars movies and will come bundled with two Bitty Pops when available for purchase.

While the exact dimensions of the Bitty Pop! Towns remain undisclosed, it seems plausible to utilize the top shelves of both displays for regular-sized Pops. Regular figures may not fit elsewhere on the displays, and mixing Bitty Pops with larger ones on the top shelf might be unconventional, but if that doesn’t bother you, it could provide an opportunity to include larger figures on your Death Star and Bat Symbols.

For those who prefer Bitty Pops to be instantly showcased, the Pokemon Deluxe Starter set is an option. This set includes three Bitty Pop! figures representing the original trio of starter Pokemon from the Kanto region. No Bitty Pop! Town is necessary, as the figures are affixed to the table included with the set, and the entire scene is enclosed in a durable case.

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