First Look At Spider-Man vs. Sandman No Way Home Lego Set Appears Online

First Look At Spider-Man vs. Sandman No Way Home Lego Set Appears Online

Date: December 11, 2023

By Hanna Rose

The battle between Spider-Man and Sandman in No Way Home is being turned into a Lego set.

‘Tis that time of the year when Marvel enthusiasts can indulge in intricate and somewhat pricey Lego sets. Amazon recently marked down the price of the Marvel’s Daily Bugle Lego set during Black Friday, and around the same time, the 5,000-piece, $500 Avengers Tower also hit the shelves. Now, it appears that another Marvel Lego set is on the horizon, offering a recreation of the Spider-Man vs. Sandman final battle from “No Way Home” using toy bricks. Unfortunately, it might not arrive in time for the holiday season.

For those deeply immersed in the world of Marvel Lego, the immediate response might be, “But there’s already a Lego set depicting the epic conclusion of the latest Spidey movie.” True, there is one, but this upcoming set is different. Initial images circulating online over the weekend reveal significant distinctions. Notably, Sandman, a key character, is conspicuously absent from the currently available Final Battle set.

It seems that Lego may have had plans for the Spider-Man vs. Sandman set even when the Final Battle set was launched. In this new set, Flint Marko, aka Sandman, is not just a Minifigure; you’ll actually have to construct the villain. The exact number of pieces in this set remains hidden, as the relevant information on the box is obscured. Additionally, the set features a Lizard Minifigure, another villain omitted from the Final Battle set without any explanation.

The Spider-Man vs. Sandman set includes the same Tom Holland Spidey and Electro Minifigures found in the Final Battle set. If you already own the earlier set, you’ll be doubling up on these figures. While it’s regrettable that there isn’t a Sandman Minifigure included, given that the villain essentially constitutes the entire set, this omission is somewhat forgivable.

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