First Official Merchandise For Pet Simulator 99 Launched

First Official Merchandise For Pet Simulator 99 Launched

Date: December 11, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Get a Huge Hoverboard Cat in-game with these delightful Roblox rugs!

Pet Simulator continues to dominate the Roblox gaming scene, captivating a significant audience of younger players. The recent release of the franchise’s latest installment, Pet Simulator 99, witnessed a remarkable turnout, boasting over half a million players concurrently engaged in the game.

At the heart of the Pet Simulator experience lies the allure of collecting and trading, where rare and exclusive pets hold substantial trade value, eliciting envy from fellow gamers. Notably, the series stands out by offering redeemable codes tied to real-world merchandise, allowing players to acquire tangible toys and decorations while enhancing their in-game pet collection.

BIG Games, the masterminds behind Pet Simulator, recently unveiled the inaugural merchandise drop following the PS99 launch. The featured products are now available on their website, spotlighting 29-inch rugs adorned with the images of three iconic pets from the series—the Cat and Corgi, popular starter pets, and the Dragon, a fan-favorite creature.

Each rug comes equipped with a scratch-off code on the tag, redeemable in Pet Simulator 99 for a coveted Huge Hoverboard Cat. This exclusive method is the sole means of obtaining the floating feline in-game, providing players with a powerful addition to their team and a substantial new pet for their collection.

Priced at $49.99 USD per rug, interested buyers are urged to act swiftly, especially if considering these as holiday gifts. Following the trend of previous Pet Simulator merchandise, these items are part of a limited production run. Once sold out on BIG Games’ platform, the only available option may be through resellers, potentially at a premium due to the intact code tag.

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For those seeking alternative Pet Simulator-themed gifts or desiring a cube-shaped companion for themselves, several less limited products are regularly accessible on platforms such as Amazon and other retailers.

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