Florida Joker Issues “Final Warning” To Rockstar For GTA 6 Parody, Demands $5 Million

Florida Joker Issues Final Warning To Rockstar For GTA 6 Parody, Demands $5 Million

Date: December 28, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Lawrence Sullivan has issued a final warning to Rockstar Games and is now demanding even more money than last time for his GTA 6 parody.

Lawrence Sullivan, also recognized as the Florida Joker, has issued a “final warning” to Rockstar Games, demanding $5 million in response to what he perceives as a parody of him in the GTA 6 reveal trailer.

Following years of anticipation, speculation, leaks, and rumors, the beginning of this month brought forth something Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts had long awaited – the official unveiling of GTA 6. The reveal, as evidenced by record-breaking YouTube views, brought joy to almost everyone, elucidating key details about the upcoming game. Note the use of “almost.”

Lawrence Sullivan, known as the “Florida Joker” due to his distinctive tattoos and dyed hair, expressed dissatisfaction with the GTA 6 reveal upon discovering a character seemingly designed to parody him. Shortly after the trailer’s release, Sullivan posted a reaction video, insisting that Rockstar compensate him, with his previous video indicating a demand for $2 million.

Now, several weeks later, Sullivan has released a new video serving as a “final warning” to Rockstar Games. In the video, Sullivan mentions having consulted with his lawyers after returning from Miami and discloses that he has sent a letter to Rockstar, threatening legal action against the parody if the studio fails to respond by January 11, his birthday.

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“Playing games with my intelligence. It’s been numerous days, and this is the ultimate warning. I just returned from Miami and California, having spoken to both my lawyers… If we don’t receive a response by my birthday, January 11, we will pursue legal action. I want 5 million dollars immediately.”

Despite initially seeking $2 million, Sullivan has escalated his claim to $5 million, citing harassment due to his likeness to the GTA 6 trailer character. While parody law suggests he may not secure the requested funds or even a response from Rockstar, it’s noteworthy that he has officially confirmed his intention to pursue legal action rather than merely demanding monetary compensation.

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