Florida Joker Threatens To Break GTA 6 Hacker Out Of Hospital Prison

Florida Joker Threatens To Break GTA 6 Hacker Out Of Hospital Prison

Date: January 08, 2024

By Hanna Rose

The Florida Joker is now threatening to break the GTA 6 hacker out of hospital prison if Rockstar doesn’t pay him.

GTA 6 transports players back to Vice City, immersing them in Rockstar’s portrayal of Miami, Florida. The game unapologetically parodies various viral videos and real-life figures to enhance its authenticity. However, not everyone is pleased with the depiction, notably the Florida Joker.

Initially seeking $2 million as compensation for the use of his likeness, which includes distinctive tattoos and dyed hair, the Florida Joker swiftly increased his demand to $5 million under the threat of legal action. With a deadline set for January 11, a mere three days away, the situation intensifies. As reported by Insider Gaming, the Florida Joker now warns of further actions if Rockstar fails to meet his demands.

Addressing Rockstar, the Florida Joker declares, “This is a reminder for the final warning. I keep getting harassed wherever I go. I can’t even enjoy a pizza without someone asking for a picture. For a whole month, I’ve given y’all free publicity. I want my money. If you do not contact me three days after my birthday on January 11, I want $10 million for my suffering and pain, defamation of character. Stop playing with me.”

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Despite the likely protection under parody law for Rockstar’s depiction, the Florida Joker insists on legal action if not compensated within the specified timeframe. Actor Roger Clark, known for portraying Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, offers advice to the Florida Joker, suggesting he leverage the newfound notoriety to his advantage, acknowledging that Rockstar is well-versed in legal matters.

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