Fortnite Fans Want The Old Animations Back

Fortnite Fans Want The Old Animations Back

Date: December 04, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Fortnite’s new animations are proving controversial, and many gamers are even spamming a developer with hate and calls for their termination.

Fortnite’s latest update has made waves by introducing iconic characters like Peter Griffin and Solid Snake to the Battle Royale, alongside notable improvements such as the ability to move while consuming items and an entire LEGO mode. However, amidst the positive changes, the introduction of new animations is drawing significant criticism.

The primary grievance centers around a perceived decrease in running speed. Previously, characters would lean forward and display a vigorous sprint, but the updated animations give the appearance of a slower pace. One player expressed their discontent on Twitter, stating, “The movement in this season is literally just walking in Loot Lake,” and even called for the removal of the animation designer.

In reality, the difference in speed is minimal. Game developers often utilize animations and visual effects to create a sense of increased speed, similar to blurring in racing games. Fortnite’s previous animation had the character leaning forward with apparent exertion, while the new one exudes a more relaxed vibe. However, direct comparisons reveal a marginal, at worst, one-second delay.

Numerous fans are urging Epic Games to revert the animations or boost running speed through online petitions, collecting thousands of likes as a show of support. Unfortunately, these calls for change are overshadowed by a regrettable undercurrent of hostility, with commenters and even some posters demanding the firing of the developers responsible for the new animations.

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Developer Colin Friday, who eagerly shared the new animations, became the target of harassment and vitriol, with demands for his personal termination. Some users lamented the lack of constructive criticism, with one remarking, “Y’all could’ve just offered the man constructive criticism but no, let’s just harass him instead!”

While a growing number of individuals have shared Friday’s post with disdain and calls for his dismissal, there are those who, despite criticizing the update, express sympathy. One user commented, “Feel sorry for this guy. I’m not a fan of the new changes either, but there’s no reason to be a di** about it.”

Whether you agree or disagree with the alterations to movement in the game, it’s essential to note that the animations themselves do not significantly impact speed. Nevertheless, a mounting wave of backlash persists within the Fortnite community.

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