Fortnite Insider Claims Chapter 5 Will Be The Biggest Update Fortnite Will “Ever Have”

Fortnite Insider Claims Chapter 5 Will Be The Biggest Update Fortnite Will Ever Have

Date: November 22, 2023

By Hanna Rose

A reliable Fortnite insider has claimed that Chapter 5 is the biggest update the game “has ever had and will ever have”.

After Epic Games teased the upcoming Big Bang event and the recent announcement of Chapter 5 for Fortnite, a trustworthy insider in the Fortnite community suggests that Chapter 5 will be the most significant update the game has ever experienced.

Following a lackluster heist-themed Chapter 4, Season 4, which left many players unimpressed, Fortnite has rebounded strongly in the last month. The game broke its all-time player record twice within a few days, thanks to the immensely popular Fortnite: OG mini-season. The recent success of this throwback season appears to be just a glimpse of what’s to come, with Epic hinting at a massive event scheduled for next month.

Rumors and leaks, including suggestions of an Eminem appearance in Fortnite and an upcoming concert, were confirmed by Epic Games when they officially announced the “Big Bang” event. While the details of the live “experience” remain under wraps, the official announcement indicates that something significant is on the horizon, describing the event as marking a “new beginning for Fortnite.”

Epic’s teasers about the Big Bang event have fueled anticipation, but what follows seems to be even more substantial. RealShiina, a reliable Fortnite insider known for sharing news and leaks on Twitter under the handle Shiinabr, pointed out a specific section of the announcement claiming that a “new beginning for Fortnite” is imminent. RealShiina stated, “Chapter 5 will be the biggest new chapter Fortnite has ever had and will ever have.”

Although the details remain vague, RealShiina clarified that Chapter 5 represents the “biggest evolution” for Fortnite. While this doesn’t provide a clear picture of the changes coming to the game with the next major update, some fans speculate a potential shift away from the Battle Royale mode.

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The true extent of the update’s impact on Fortnite will only be revealed when Chapter 5 is released next month. It’s worth noting that earlier leaks hinted at the development of an open-world RPG mode for the game, although details on this mode have been scarce in recent times. Nonetheless, this concept aligns with the notion of a substantial “evolution” in the game.

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