Fortnite Players Might Have Figured Out When OG Is Returning In 2024

Fortnite Players Might Have Figured Out When OG Is Returning In 2024

Date: January 03, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Fortnite fans might have figured out when Fortnite: OG is going to return in 2024, thanks to a subtle clue from a Glider.

Fortnite enthusiasts are speculating on the potential return of Fortnite: OG in 2024, buoyed by a conspicuous hint found in the OG Win Umbrella from the recent season. Despite December’s exhilarating additions to the game, including new modes and eagerly anticipated characters, many players found the allure of Fortnite: OG introduced in November to surpass Chapter 5 and its innovations.

Players have long clamored for a return to the cherished days of Chapter 1, and Fortnite: OG granted that wish, albeit temporarily. The mini-season, spanning just a month with a scaled-down Battle Pass, left players yearning for a permanent game mode, akin to the past success of Zero Build.

While Epic seems hesitant to make Fortnite: OG a permanent fixture, potentially due to its lucrative Battle Pass revenue, there’s confirmation that it will resurface in 2024. Although the exact return date remains elusive, keen-eyed Fortnite fans believe they may have uncovered a clue.

A Redditor, stringggg, shared an image of the Time Brella glider, an exclusive reward for achieving a Victory Royale in Fortnite: OG, on the Fortnite subreddit. The umbrella, seemingly innocuous at first, bears two dates, one of which—”May 4, 2024″—coincides with Star Wars day. While the significance of this date remains unclear, some enthusiasts posit that it might mark the return of Fortnite: OG.

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The Time Brella’s direct association with Fortnite: OG victories lends credence to this theory. However, given the close relationship between Star Wars and Fortnite, some skeptics propose an alternate theory. They suggest that the May 4 date could be part of a futuristic timeskip season, aligning with Fortnite’s penchant for hosting events independently of external celebrations.

The veracity of these speculations will only be known in the coming months. For those eagerly anticipating the resurgence of Fortnite: OG, this tantalizing clue might be the most compelling piece of evidence to grasp onto.

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