Grand Theft Auto 5’s Michael Calls Out Gamers Saying GTA 6 Is Woke

Grand Theft Auto 5's Michael Calls Out Gamers Saying GTA 6 Is Woke

Date: January 03, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Michael actor Ned Luke called out gamers who said that GTA 6 has “gone woke”.

The unveiling trailer for GTA 6 showcased our protagonist, Lucia, a formidable woman in Rockstar’s highly anticipated sequel. This revelation sparked controversy among gamers, with some labeling the series as “woke” and vowing to abandon GTA entirely. Michael De Santa, portrayed by actor Ned Luke, addressed these critics in a recent interview with IGN.

“Lucia’s a tough character. She looked impressive in the trailer,” Luke remarked. “There are these people out there claiming ‘Rockstar’s going woke, succumbing to the world’s wokeness.’ Firstly, there have been female protagonists in the past, though not in something as massive as this.

“GTA 6 is set to be the most significant game ever. Lucia appears badass to me. In that final scene, when she kicks open the door and takes charge, she exudes a real badass vibe. What’s intriguing is she leads the way, and others follow. Whether you interpret it as her becoming a major player and others joining her, I don’t know.”

Lucia isn’t the sole source of contention among gamers. The trailer also revealed the Miami-inspired Vice City in all its current-gen splendor, featuring vibrant beaches and a bustling metropolis. Some viewers expressed dissatisfaction, criticizing the apparent absence of white characters in comments like, “Not a single white person in this trailer. Big surprise,” and even suggesting conspiracy theories like “This is white replacement theory. George Soros says hi.”

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On social media, users shared collages of Black individuals from the trailer, accompanied by captions such as “It’s all so tiresome.” These reactions contributed to the narrative that ‘GTA has gone woke,’ a sentiment that has circulated since the game’s initial leaks. Luke refrained from commenting on this specific facet of the backlash, emphasizing that playable female characters have been part of the GTA series from its inception, with GTA 6 marking the first in the 3D era.

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