GTA 6 Fan Reimagines Trailer As PS1 Game

GTA 6 Fan Reimagines Trailer As PS1 Game

Date: December 12, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Someone has already demade GTA 6’s trailer, turning it into a PS1 game.

GTA’s inception traces back to the PS1, featuring top-down 2D games before transitioning to the groundbreaking 3D open-world of Grand Theft Auto 3 on the PS2. Imagine if this leap had occurred a bit earlier. YouTuber Jushton provides a glimpse of that possibility by reimagining GTA 6’s trailer in the style of a PS1 game.

The transition from PS1 to PS2 marked a significant advancement, exemplified by playing the first two Silent Hill games consecutively. Character models and world scope improved drastically, transforming games like Spider-Man from linear missions to expansive open-world titles. To envision GTA 6 on the PS1, one must scale it down, strip it bare, and essentially gut it.

In this rendition, skyscrapers are scarce, the world’s edge is visible, islands are square, and the terrain lacks variation—it’s entirely flat with minimal population. The few ‘people’ are represented by cars on a bridge with no barriers, creating a surreal floating road. Lucia looking out of a window becomes a gaze at a flat, premade texture, and character models are unsettling, with immobile lips. The beach is desolate, featuring only a grid of parasols, and the swamp is simplified with sparse grass and a basic boat model. Ocean travelers are awkwardly attached to rectangular shapes vaguely resembling speedboats.

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This approximation of a modern GTA on the PS1 underscores the evolution of the medium. We have transitioned from low-poly nightmare fuel once considered revolutionary and realistic to today’s actual realism. The video provides a glimpse into what a Miami parody, akin to Vice City, might have looked like had Rockstar embraced 3D in the same console generation rather than the next.

Since the PS1 era, we’ve witnessed four mainline GTA games across two eras—3D and HD. GTA 6 marks the first new installment since the PS3, with GTA 5 being ported to PS4 a year after its launch. While the anticipation for GTA 6 has been prolonged, it’s enjoyable to momentarily reflect on the stark differences from the past.

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