GTA 6 Trailer’s Most Replayed Scene Is The Balcony Girl, Because Of Course It Is

GTA 6 Trailer's Most Replayed Scene Is The Balcony Girl

Date: December 11, 2023

By Hanna Rose

The most-watched scene in GTA 6’s trailer is, of course, the woman on the balcony dancing.

The GTA 6 trailer, released just a week ago, has already amassed an impressive 140 million views and ten million likes, marking it as a massive hit. However, delving into the viewership statistics reveals a particular focus of attention among the audience. Unsurprisingly, the spotlight falls on a scene featuring a girl dancing on a balcony in her bikini.

The reasons behind this intense interest are probably self-evident and don’t need explicit explanation. Assuming a mature audience, there might be a more rational explanation for the phenomenon.

Since the trailer’s release, fans have been avidly trying to identify the woman in the bikini. Opinions vary, with some considering her a random NPC at a party, while others staunchly believe she is Lucia. Even within TheGamer team, a consensus is elusive (my allegiance firmly lies in the it’s-Lucia camp).

It’s plausible that viewers are repeatedly pausing and replaying this specific scene to answer the burning question, “Is it Lucia?” Enthusiasts have closely examined fine details, like the absence of a mole, necessitating several viewings to notice.

Sharing these statistics has reignited debates, with enthusiasts adopting a detective-like fervor, assembling boards of evidence and obsessing over minute differences to crack the case. The outcome might not yield a tangible reward, but brace yourselves for two years of intense speculation, gamers.

However, skepticism persists regarding whether the quest for the woman’s identity is the sole reason for scene replays. Tweets like “@SpursIad said, ‘They ain’t tryna figure out who it is mf they’re just horny'” and @BlunderAdam’s retweet emphasizing the community’s true motivations cast doubt on the purely investigative nature of the scrutiny.

@ValleyBoyOnEm introduces another twist to the identity mystery, proposing that the woman might be Lucia’s sister. Theories continue to abound.

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Despite an early leak, the GTA 6 trailer undeniably stands as a triumph for Rockstar, captivating audiences who scour it for the slightest hint of information.

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