GTA 6 Will Reportedly Be Announced This Week, Trailer Coming In December

GTA 6 Will Reportedly Be Announced This Week, Trailer Coming In December

Date: November 08, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Looks like GTA 6 may finally be officially revealed this week.

Rockstar is rumored to be on the verge of unveiling GTA 6 this week, with an accompanying trailer set to drop in December. The scoop hails from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who cites insider sources familiar with the project, asserting that Grand Theft Auto 6 is poised for an announcement as part of the studio’s 25th-anniversary celebrations.

Schreier noted, “The company intends to release a Grand Theft Auto VI trailer next month in honor of Rockstar’s 25th anniversary,” according to individuals who requested anonymity due to a lack of authorization to speak publicly. A Rockstar spokesperson has not yet responded to inquiries made after normal business hours.

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The anticipation surrounding GTA 6 has reached a fever pitch in recent years, fueled by Rockstar’s tight-lipped approach and a significant leak that uncovered substantial development progress. While the studio has refrained from an official unveiling, they did release a statement post-leak, confirming the ongoing development and promising to reveal the game when the time is right.

Nevertheless, fans have felt that Rockstar has been dropping hints about the game’s impending announcement. In September, a social media post promoting an event in GTA Online featured two characters standing in front of the iconic Vinewood sign, strategically obscuring everything but the “VI” part. This was an overt tease by the studio.

Various speculations have arisen about GTA 6, ranging from the leaked mention of a female protagonist to other claims of a dual-protagonist setup involving both a male and a female character embarking on heists and adventures reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde. None of these details have been officially confirmed, leaving eager fans eagerly awaiting the December reveal.

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