GTA Online Has Finally Made Police Vehicles Available To Buy After 10 Years

GTA Online Has Finally Made Police Vehicles Available To Buy After 10 Years

Date: December 13, 2023

By Hanna Rose

After over 10 years without them, GTA Online players can now go and buy themselves a few police vehicles.

After more than a decade, GTA Online continues to evolve, and Rockstar Games has responded to a long-standing fan request in their recent Chop Shop update. Players can now purchase three police vehicles – the Unmarked Cruiser, Stanier LE Cruiser, and the robust Police Riot van – each obtainable by meeting specific in-game requirements. These additions fulfill a desire expressed by fans over the years, bringing an exciting new dimension to the game.

With price tags ranging from $2.9 million to $4.8 million, players eager to acquire these law enforcement vehicles will need to start saving in-game currency. The Stanier LE Cruiser stands out with a wealth of customization options, boasting over 120 liveries, various lighting choices, and the option to install ram bars. Unfortunately, customization for the Unmarked Cruiser is limited, likely due to its nature as an undercover vehicle.

The excitement doesn’t end there, as a tweet from GTALeaks hints at the possibility of more police cars joining the GTA Online roster. Through datamining efforts, they uncovered the model for the Gauntlet Hellfire, a vehicle featured in the recent GTA 6 trailer. While GTA 6 isn’t set to launch until 2025, this discovery suggests that players can anticipate additional updates featuring vehicles from the upcoming game.

Despite the impending arrival of GTA 6, slated for a holiday season release in 2025, Rockstar Games aims to keep GTA Online vibrant. Expectations are high for more GTA 6-themed content to be introduced to the online realm, providing longtime players with fresh and exciting experiences. While the upcoming installment is sure to capture attention, these updates will serve as a welcome bonus for the dedicated GTA Online community that has stood by the game for so many years.

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In the meantime, players can immerse themselves in the anticipation of GTA 6 by watching its trailer, which has already been reimagined as a PS1 game. Although not as visually stunning as the original, the nostalgic charm reminiscent of the original Vice City, released over two decades ago, adds a unique twist to the gaming experience.

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