Hideo Kojima’s OD Will Be Just As “Different” As His Solar-Powered Game Boy Game

Hideo Kojima's OD Will Be Just As Different As His Solar-Powered Game Boy Game

Date: January 05, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Hideo Kojima has revealed that his upcoming horror game, OD, will be just as “different” as Boktai, his solar-powered Game Boy game.

Hideo Kojima recently shared insights about his upcoming horror game, OD, developed in collaboration with Jordan Peele. Drawing parallels to his unconventional past projects, such as Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, Kojima emphasized his reputation for crafting unique gaming experiences.

Taking to Twitter, Kojima reflected on his legacy, acknowledging a pattern of creating games that defy conventional norms. He described Metal Gear Solid as a “hide-and-seek” adventure and Death Stranding as a “delivery game,” playfully forgetting to mention the “Strand” genre associated with the latter.

Beyond his well-known titles, Kojima highlighted his “most experimental” game, where players defeated enemies “using actual sunlight around you.” This reference pointed to Boktai: The Sun is in your Hand, a Game Boy game he both designed and produced. Notably, Boktai employed the handheld’s light sensor for unique gameplay mechanics.

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Despite Boktai’s mechanical uniqueness, Kojima suggested that OD might surpass it in distinctiveness upon its release. Reflecting on Boktai’s challenging reception from his team and Konami staff at the time, he drew parallels to the anticipated reaction to OD, stating that it would be equally “different.”

While the specific gameplay details of OD remain undisclosed, it is confirmed to be a horror-focused game incorporating cloud technology. Leaked gameplay from the previous year hinted at potential social elements, suggesting multiplayer interactions within the game.

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