Hollow Knight Fan Remakes Mantis Lords Boss Fight In 3D

Hollow Knight Fan Remakes Mantis Lords Boss Fight In 3D

Poly Knight, a Solo Developer, Showcases Remarkable Fan Project

Date: September 5, 2023

By Hanna Rose

As the hollow knight fan community eagerly awaits news on the elusive release date of “Silksong,” fans continue to display their boundless creativity and devotion to the beloved indie game. In the latest development, a dedicated fan known as Poly Knight has embarked on an ambitious venture, recreating the iconic Mantis Lords boss fight in stunning 3D detail.

A Glimpse into the Project

Poly hollow knight fan recently shared a video of their fan project on the Hollow Knight subreddit, offering fans a sneak peek into the 3D remake of the Mantis Lords boss fight. This intense battle, set in the depths of the Fungal Wastes, has been faithfully recreated, featuring the same moves and mechanics that fans fondly remember. From the signature spinning projectile to aerial assaults, the fight remains true to its 2D counterpart. Notably, as the first Mantis Lord sustains damage, the other two join in, introducing a captivating layer of chaos to the encounter.

A Solo Developer’s Remarkable Feat

What sets this project apart is the dedication of Poly Knight, a solo developer who has poured two months of hard work into bringing this 3D adaptation to life. Utilizing the Unreal Engine, Poly Knight meticulously crafted every asset and model from scratch, demonstrating their remarkable talent and commitment. Only the sound, music, and menu graphics were retained from the original game.

Tunic and Death’s Door Vibes

The 3D remake of the Mantis Lords boss fight exudes an atmosphere reminiscent of acclaimed titles like “Tunic” and “Death’s Door.” Poly Knight’s solo endeavor has captured the essence of Hollow Knight’s gameplay while introducing an exciting new dimension to the experience.

A Track Record of Success

Poly Knight’s venture into 3D adaptation doesn’t stop at hollow knight fan. Earlier this year, they successfully recreated the Asgore boss fight from “Undertale” using the Unreal Engine, further showcasing their prowess in transforming beloved 2D games into immersive 3D experiences. Fans can explore these projects and more on Poly Knight’s YouTube channel.

As the hollow knight fan community eagerly awaits Team Cherry’s official updates on “Silksong,” Poly Knight’s 3D remake of the Mantis Lords boss fight stands as a testament to the passion and creativity of fans. With this project in progress, fans have yet another reason to look forward to while patiently anticipating the highly anticipated sequel.

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