Spider-Man 2 Cut Suits From The First Game Because They Weren’t “PS5 Sized”

Spider-Man 2 Cut Suits From The First Game Because They Weren't PS5 Sized

Date: November 11, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Spider-Man 2’s director has explained why the sequel is missing so many costumes from the first game.

Bryan Intihar, the director of Spider-Man 2, has clarified the reasons behind the absence of numerous costumes from the previous game and Spider-Man: Miles Morales in the sequel. Contrary to the assumption that these suits would seamlessly transfer to the new installment, Intihar explained in an interview with IGN that the process is more intricate than a simple port.

Despite Spider-Man 2 receiving widespread acclaim, certain aspects have faced criticism, such as the final boss battle against Venom, the design of Miles Morales’ new suit, and the reduced availability of suit powers. Particularly, the selection of Spider suits and the omission of many fan-favorite options have drawn considerable discontent from players.

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Intihar addressed these concerns by emphasizing that it’s not a straightforward task to transfer outfits from the previous games. He noted that the suits sometimes need to be remastered to fit the specifications of the PlayStation 5. In a recent interview, Intihar stated, “It’s not just free to, all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Oh, we created it, it just moves over.’ Like they sometimes have to be remade. Even the suits featured in the remaster had to be essentially tailored to fit the specifications of the PS5.

He further explained that the development team aimed to introduce a fresh array of suits, combining new designs and color options for existing ones. Intihar assured fans that iconic movie suits would be included but stressed the challenges involved in bringing every suit back. From the outset, I was determined to include every movie suit that fans desired in the game.. It’s GOTTA be in there.”

Considering Intihar’s explanation, it appears unrealistic to expect the inclusion of all suits from the previous games in Spider-Man 2. The director highlighted the complexities of the remastering process and emphasized the team’s commitment to delivering a diverse selection of suits for players to enjoy in the sequel.

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