Insomniac Games Leak Reveals Upcoming Games Through To 2032

Insomniac Games Leak Reveals Upcoming Games Through To 2032

Date: December 19, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Insomniac Games has been hit with one of the industry’s biggest leaks, revealing several planned games between now and 2032.

Insomniac Games has experienced a significant breach, unveiling a comprehensive list of its game development projects spanning up to 2032. The leaked information encompasses titles such as Wolverine, a Venom spin-off, a new installment in the Ratchet & Clank series, and an X-Men game.

Last week, the studio fell victim to a ransomware attack by a hacking group. Demanding a $2 million Bitcoin payment within seven days, the group threatened to expose the studio’s files. As the deadline passed, it appears that both Sony and Insomniac resisted complying with the hackers’ demands. Consequently, the leak, comparable in scale to last year’s early gameplay leak of GTA 6, has emerged.

Insomniac Games Leak Reveals Upcoming Games Through To 2032

In addition to disclosing test footage, casting details, and concept art for Wolverine, the leak has exposed personal information about Insomniac’s staff and unveiled the full spectrum of games in development, extending up to the year 2032. While refraining from hosting or embedding the leaked content, it is proliferating rapidly on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

The leaked roster begins with a Venom spin-off slated for 2025, functioning as a side-game akin to Miles Morales. This installment, featuring Venom and other unnamed characters, focuses on their conflict with Carnage, seemingly dispelling rumors of a Spider-Man 2 expansion.

Following the Venom spin-off is Wolverine, aiming for a 2026 release—slightly later than fans anticipated. Subsequent to Wolverine, Insomniac is working on Spider-Man 3, projected for the end of 2028 and potentially split into two parts, as indicated by leaked documents.

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In 2029, a new Ratchet & Clank game, potentially subtitled “Rag Tag Team,” is anticipated. While not much information was disclosed, it appears to depict collaboration between Ratchet, Clank, Rivet, and Kit, echoing a teaser from the conclusion of Rift Apart. The leaks mention another game, Spider-Man: The Great Web, lacking a release date but believed to be Insomniac’s confirmed multiplayer project.

A notable revelation from the leaks is the planning of an X-Men game for 2030, just four years after the release of the Wolverine game. Documents also suggest Insomniac’s intention to launch a completely new intellectual property between 2030 and 2032, offering a welcome departure from the studio’s extensive engagement with Marvel titles.

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