Just One Retailer Has The Smash Ultimate OLED Switch Bundle Left In Stock

Just One Retailer Has The Smash Ultimate OLED Switch Bundle Left In Stock

Date: January 01, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Best Buy is the last store with Smash Ultimate OLED bundles left, and they might be gone for good once sold out.

Nintendo has introduced a couple of fresh Switch bundles just ahead of the holiday season, potentially granting its latest console a final festive boost before being succeeded by its successor. These bundles include another edition featuring Mario Kart and a new one showcasing Smash Ultimate with an OLED screen. Typically, holiday Switch bundles tend to sell out swiftly once the festive season concludes. If you’ve been contemplating whether to acquire the Smash Ultimate OLED bundle, now is the opportune moment to make a decision.

Previously available at various retailers, the Smash OLED bundle is currently exclusive to one store—Best Buy. This implies that if you don’t seize the opportunity now, it might not be available until the next Christmas season, or possibly never again. The holiday bundling of Smash is a first for the Switch era, and considering the game will be six years old by the following Christmas, coupled with Nintendo’s focus shifting to the new console, Smash Switch bundles could become obsolete once Best Buy exhausts its stock.

The OLED Switch not only comes with a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but also boasts a Smash-themed design. Both the dock and Joy-Con are in dark grey with the Smash Bros. emblem. While it may not be the most imaginative Switch variant, it might be precisely what you’re looking for in a console, especially if you prefer a design that deviates from the neon red or pastel yellow options alongside the bright white PS5 or black Series X.

For those who are among the 132 million people without a Switch and are considering this bundle as your first, you not only gain access to one of the most extensive video game libraries in history but can also anticipate upcoming releases, such as Super Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Princess Peach Showtime, and enhanced versions of Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Thousand Year Door, all slated for 2024.

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If you happen upon this article after the last of the Ultimate OLED bundles have sold out but still desire a Switch bundle, fear not. Some bundles linger beyond the holiday season, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide featuring diverse designs and consoles paired with various excellent games.

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