Lego Listing Officially Shows Off Knuckles Mech Sonic Set Coming In 2024

Lego Listing Officially Shows Off Knuckles Mech Sonic Set Coming In 2024

Date: December 19, 2023

By Hanna Rose

The listing for Lego’s Knuckles Mech set is now live, releasing in January 2024.

Lego responded to the demand from gamers who wished to see their beloved characters and settings transformed into toy bricks with the release of its initial Super Mario-themed products. The Mario Lego line consistently introduces new sets, and in March, it will be joined by the first Animal Crossing sets. Surprisingly, Sonic has outpaced his plumbing rival, emerging as the video game character with the highest number of Lego sets. What initially began as a Lego Ideas submission has evolved into a comprehensive collection, with Knuckles and Rouge set to join next month.

The latest additions to Sonic’s Lego universe were unveiled in late October through a leaked image, confirming the inclusion of Shadow, Knuckles, and Rouge alongside Sonic, Tails, and Amy. Shadow’s time has finally arrived, with the release of the Shadow’s Escape set. The accompanying manual provides insights into how Knuckles and Rouge will make their entrance into Sonic’s Lego world. Knuckles, stationed in a mech, appears to be defending the Master Emerald from Rouge. Lego has now disclosed images, pricing, and a release date for the upcoming set.

Scheduled for release on January 1, 2024, the Knuckles Guardian Mech set comprises 276 pieces, placing the renowned echidna inside his own fully posable mech. The set, priced at $34.99, showcases Knuckles in action, allowing for dynamic poses as he battles Rouge or other Lego characters. Additionally, the set includes Rouge’s Minifigure equipped with a flying bat mech, perfect for evading Knuckles while attempting to pilfer the Master Emerald.

Although not a large set, it comes at a more affordable price point, slightly higher than the Shadow’s Escape set due to its larger size. While it won’t arrive in time for the holidays, it complements the Shadow set beautifully. Sonic Lego enthusiasts, especially those anticipating Knuckles’ appearance in his own TV show in 2024, will likely be eager to add this set to their collection.

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The genesis of Sonic’s Lego sets traces back to a Lego Ideas submission, mirroring a potential trajectory for No Man’s Sky. Sean Murray from Hello Games drew attention to a No Man’s Sky Lego Ideas submission that garnered 10,000 supporters on Monday, signaling its advancement to an official review by Lego. Pending approval, this submission may transform into a purchasable Lego set for enthusiasts to assemble.

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