Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth Datamine Reveals How Many Chapters Focus On Kiryu

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Datamine Reveals How Many Chapters Focus On Kiryu

Date: December 21, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s chapter list has been datamined, revealing how often Kiryu will be the main focus.

The chapter lineup for “Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth” has been uncovered through datamining, shedding light on numerous tributes to Elvis and offering insights into the prominence of Kiryu in the narrative. The game, set to release in just over a month, marks the collaboration of Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu, marking their first significant team-up since the former’s introduction to the series. The overarching theme has been described as a dual focus on both characters, with particular attention to Kiryu.

A Reddit user, the_thirdy, shared findings from datamining Infinite Wealth, likely extracted from demos released in recent months. The revealed chapter list discloses the main playable character and chapter names. While the chapter list itself isn’t overly spoiler-heavy, the_thirdy did unveil the alternating focus between Ichiban and Kiryu. The initial seven chapters center around Ichiban as the primary playable character. However, starting from Chapter 8, titled “Return to Sender,” the game alternates between the two protagonists every other chapter, culminating in both being playable in Chapter 14.

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In addition to gameplay details, the_thirdy disclosed that Kiryu takes center stage in Chapter 8, bringing forth a new set of sub-stories named the “Bucket List.” This development likely corresponds with the moment in the game’s story trailer where Kiryu reveals his battle with cancer to the rest of the party.

The shared list by the_thirdy also divulges when specific characters join the party and become playable, along with details about some of the bosses in the game. However, for those averse to spoilers, it’s advised to avoid these specifics.

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