Like A Dragon’s Ichiban Gets A New Statue Just In Time For Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon's Ichiban Gets A New Statue Just In Time For Infinite Wealth

Date: January 04, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Pre-order eight and a half inches of Ichiban before you start infinite Wealth.

It’s quite astonishing to contemplate that, having experienced two new Like A Dragon games in 2023, an even more substantial installment is set to launch before January 2024 concludes. Titled Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, this latest addition to the enduring series brings its narrative to the United States, beginning with Kazuma Ichiban’s unexpected arrival on a Hawaiian beach sans clothing. If the game itself doesn’t satiate your Yakuza cravings, there’s the option to acquire an Ichiban statue replicating the character’s distinctive appearance—albeit fully clothed.

Crafted by Dig, the Ichiban statue is currently open for pre-orders through the provided links below. Featuring Ichiban in his iconic red suit and trademark grin, the statue allows adjustment of its right arm to either rest by Ichiban’s side or be raised. Opting for the raised arm position is especially enticing as it comes with Ichiban’s baseball bat, adorned with barbed wire—a nod that even Mick Foley would likely appreciate.

Standing at a height of eight and a half inches, inclusive of its base, Dig’s Ichiban statue is available for pre-order at $72.99. However, there’s a significant caveat: despite being purchasable now, the statue won’t be shipped until October 2024. On the bright side, considering the pace of releases, Sega might have unveiled three additional Like A Dragon games by then.

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For those intrigued by Infinite Wealth but hesitant due to the rapid release schedule, PlayStation is currently offering a bundle of Yakuza games at a discounted price. The first seven titles, usually priced close to $120 collectively, can now be acquired for less than $30. It’s worth noting that some of these deals expire on January 5, urging swift action for those looking to capitalize on these savings.

Excitement continues to build for Like A Dragon games, with a teased major announcement slated for 2024. Notably, Kiryu is set to make a return in Infinite Wealth, and insights into the game’s chapters suggest a significant focus on the series’ original protagonist.

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