Lords of the Fallen’s Deluxe Edition Gives Players a Unique Early Advantage

Lords of the Fallen’s Deluxe Edition Gives Players a Unique Early Advantage

Date: October 10, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Lords of the Fallen is set to make a grand entrance into the world of dark fantasy, offering players the chance to explore two captivating realms. With its release just around the corner, the excitement among fans is palpable.

In the realm of action-RPGs like Lords of the Fallen, the choice of class or build holds the key to one’s playstyle and success. The game’s deluxe edition presents a unique opportunity for early adopters – the Dark Crusader build.

While the Dark Crusader build may not necessarily outshine other starting builds in terms of strength, its early access in the deluxe edition allows players to step into the shoes of the game’s iconic mascot. This intriguing option lets players immerse themselves in the character and role they find most captivating.

Lords of the Fallen is following in the footsteps of the highly acclaimed Lies of P and delivers a fresh take on the dark fantasy genre, featuring two distinct realms to explore in this IP reboot. Early access has already provided a tantalizing glimpse into the game’s initial hours through influencers who had the privilege of broadcasting it in the past week.

As a result, the anticipation for its official release next weekend has reached fever pitch. With CI Games’ action-RPG promising an extensive gaming experience, players face the critical decision of selecting their starting class, a choice that may prove pivotal in shaping their initial adventures.

Lords of the Fallen’s Deluxe Edition Gives Players a Unique Early Advantage

In the realm of Soulslikes and action-RPGs, choosing the right build can be of paramount importance, especially if Lords of the Fallen is expected to hold any resemblance to FromSoftware’s action-RPGs. These games are renowned for their lack of handholding, placing the burden of exploration and decision-making squarely on the player’s shoulders.

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Therefore, deciding on the ideal build can become a challenging process of trial and error unless players have a comprehensive understanding of their options from the outset. While all of Lords of the Fallen’s classes have been unveiled, one particular “build” remains exclusive to those who have invested in the deluxe edition – the enigmatic Dark Crusader.

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