Metal Gear Solid Fan Brings Christmas To Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid Fan Brings Christmas To Snake Eater

Date: December 25, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Just in time for Christmas, a Metal Gear Solid fan has released a mod that makes Snake Eater a whole lot more festive.

Just in time for the holiday season, a devoted Metal Gear Solid fan has crafted a mod for Snake Eater that introduces snow, tacky sweaters, themed Codecs, and more to the game.

Metal Gear Solid, as a series, is renowned for various elements. You likely envision cardboard boxes, exclamation points above enemy heads, and unique boss battles involving memory card reading, showcasing the enduring impact Metal Gear has had over the years. However, one aspect Metal Gear Solid has never embraced is a festive atmosphere – until now.

For those eager to infuse Naked Snake with holiday cheer, Avaresst’s Metal Gear Jolly mod for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the perfect solution. Avaresst asserts that this is their most extensive mod to date. True to its name, the mod injects a dose of merriment into the third installment of the series, transforming a once-jungle-centric mission with a plethora of Christmas elements.

The description on Nexus Mods for this delightful mod states, “The nefarious Colonel Volgrinch has discovered the whereabouts of the North Pole and is on the verge of ruining Christmas for everyone! You must stop him! This mod blankets most of the environment in snow and holiday cheer, replacing numerous enemies, allies, codec sprites, and scattered items to align with a Christmas theme.”

Already an impressive array of alterations for a mod, a glance at the Metal Gear Jolly screenshots reveals how a touch of Christmas spirit can utterly transform the gaming experience. Not only are Snake and various characters adorned in unsightly sweaters and Christmas hues, but the Codec conversations have also been festively upgraded, with individuals wearing Santa hats during interactions with Snake.

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Metal Gear Jolly introduces snow to the majority of the game’s environments, immersing players in a wintry setting. However, the festive transformation doesn’t stop there. Numerous subtle details enhance the overall vibe, such as Snake’s cigar featuring a candy cane motif, ammo boxes and other items wrapped like presents, and a new “ugly bandana” to complement Snake’s revised outfit.

While Metal Gear Solid may not have traditionally exuded a Christmas vibe, this mod prompts the consideration that perhaps the holiday spirit was always latent within it. Kudos to Avaresst for crafting one of the most impressive and heartfelt mods witnessed in quite some time.

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