Minecraft Players Are Starting To Get Sick Of Mob Votes

Minecraft Players Are Starting To Get Sick Of Mob Votes

Date: October 07, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Minecraft enthusiasts are showing signs of resistance against the mob voting process, expressing their frustration that Mojang isn’t incorporating all three options right from the start.

It’s that time of the year again for dedicated Minecraft fans, when Mojang sets the community at odds, requiring them to choose one out of three potential new mobs to be introduced into the game in the near future. This year’s selection presents the dilemma of picking between armadillos, penguins, or crabs, each associated with a distinct biome and a unique utility or item drop. However, it appears that Minecraft fans are growing weary of this recurring concept.

A highly popular post on the Minecraft subreddit has gained significant attention lately. The user known as half_eaten_pretzel voiced their dissatisfaction with the necessity of voting for mobs in the first place, expressing disappointment that Mojang isn’t simply including all three options. This discontent is understandable, especially since the mobs that fail to secure the majority vote end up consigned to oblivion, never to be featured in the game. This sentiment is becoming increasingly prevalent among Minecraft enthusiasts, with the post amassing 6.5k upvotes as of the time of writing.

Further exploration of the subreddit reveals numerous fans who are disheartened by the requirement to choose among what could have been three exciting additions to the game, had it not been for the exclusion of two of them. User AchtungToaster remarked that they are growing weary of mob votes altogether and would prefer Mojang to focus on implementing new features instead. User Futuf1 expressed frustration at being compelled to decide which two mobs to sacrifice, suggesting that Mojang subjecting its fans to such choices “shouldn’t even be a thing.”

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While this sentiment has been voiced by some fans in the past few years, it is this particular vote that has witnessed a more widespread backlash. This is primarily attributed to the fact that the options this time around consist of adorable real-life animals, as opposed to entirely new creatures crafted by Mojang.

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