MMO veteran of WoW and League of Legends finally unveils new project ‘Ghost,’ set in a “new fantasy universe”

MMO veteran of WoW and League of Legends finally unveils new project

Date: November 02, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Former developer for popular games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, Greg Street, has introduced his latest creation, an ambitious fantasy MMO code-named ‘Ghost’.

In a morning press release, Street formally disclosed the establishment of his new game development studio, known as “Fantastic Pixel Castle.” ‘Ghost’ is touted as a high-quality, triple-A MMO set in an entirely fresh and unexplored fantasy universe. For a sneak peek into this exciting world, the team has released an announcement trailer and some captivating concept art for the game.

Before this endeavor, Street served as the lead systems designer for World of Warcraft and later as the head of creative development at Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends. During his tenure at Riot, Street was at the helm of the League of Legends MMO project. However, in March, he parted ways with Riot Games. In April, he announced his plans to establish a new MMO studio, and this unveiling marks the official introduction of that venture.

In the announcement trailer, Street introduces his new studio and declares their ambition to create an epic new MMO. Acknowledging that this announcement comes at an early stage of development, Street emphasizes the importance of engaging with the gaming community throughout the process.

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They plan to kick off this dialogue with an introductory livestream scheduled for next week, promising insights into the world of ‘Ghost’ and a glimpse into the studio’s creative ethos, even though gameplay won’t be revealed at this stage.

In the press release, Street recognizes that MMOs are one of the most challenging game genres to develop but believes that a fully remote development approach, combined with a compact team, offers them a unique advantage. To support their efforts, Fantastic Pixel Castle has inked a publishing deal with the prominent Chinese gaming company NetEase, a partnership announced today.

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