Monster Hunter Wilds Reveal Causes World To Hit Highest Player Peak Since 2020

Monster Hunter Wilds Reveal Causes World To Hit Highest Player Peak Since 2020

Date: January 03, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Eagerly waiting for Monster Hunter Wilds, fans boosted World’s peak player count to its highest number in three years.

Monster Hunter Wilds was unveiled by Capcom at last month’s The Game Awards, and it is set to be released in 2025. Despite being more than a year away, fans are already anticipating the thrill of hunting down formidable creatures, leading to a resurgence in the popularity of Monster Hunter: World. The player count for World reached an impressive peak of 138,148 on January 1, marking its highest in three years. Remarkably, on New Year’s Day, it ranked as the 13th most-played game on Steam, surpassing titles like Rust, Elden Ring, and Cyberpunk 2077. Currently, the game boasts over 80,000 in-game players, a notable feat considering its initial release in 2018.

Although Monster Hunter: World hasn’t surpassed its all-time peak of 334,684 players, achieving 130,000 players is commendable for a game that has been around for over half a decade.

In contrast, other titles in the Monster Hunter series did not experience the same surge in players. The more recent release, Rise, which is currently on sale for £13.19, reached a concurrent player count of 27,000. While this is a significant increase from its previous count of 15,000, it doesn’t match the impressive numbers seen by Monster Hunter: World.

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Details about Monster Hunter Wilds are still limited, with only a brief reveal trailer providing glimpses of the game’s world, featuring a character riding and flying on an animal, along with various monsters. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has shared some insights, promising “a new level of detailed creatures and ecosystems,” potentially tied to the dynamic weather showcased in the teaser. Notably, Wilds appears to be the first fully open-world entry in the series, making it a unique addition. Fans are speculating that it might be akin to Monster Hunter 2, continuing the legacy of the original PS2 game launched 20 years ago in 2004.

While specific details about Monster Hunter Wilds are still scarce due to its distant release date, fans can find solace in satisfying their Monster Hunter cravings with the current hit, World.

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