Mortal Kombat Fans Want Nitara’s “Pirate” Look In MK1

Mortal Kombat Fans Want Nitara's "Pirate" Look In MK1

Mortal Kombat enthusiasts were thrilled to witness the return of Nitara after a 17-year absence. However, reactions to her new design have been mixed, sparking discussions within the fan community.

The recent unveiling of the final launch roster for Mortal Kombat 1 also provided fans with a first look at Nitara, a beloved character from the 3D era. What added to the excitement was the casting of Megan Fox in the role, who appeared to be fully committed to the character, unlike some previous celebrity performances.

While fans were overjoyed to see Nitara return, her redesigned appearance left some divided. This version of Nitara, aside from her distinctive wings, sports a significantly different look compared to her 3D-era counterpart. She has transitioned from a goth pirate aesthetic with oversized boots to a warrior demon appearance resembling Ashrah’s new design.

In a discussion on the Mortal Kombat subreddit initiated by Redditor help3509, opinions on Nitara’s new look vary. The most up-voted comment, by Redditor Zetra3, expresses acceptance of the new design but also a desire to see Nitara’s original 3D-era “pirate” look incorporated into the game. The consensus among fans in the thread is that they wish to have the option to use Nitara’s classic design alongside the new one.

Mortal Kombat Fans Want Nitara's "Pirate" Look In MK1

Beyond the call for the return of the “pirate” look, responses to Nitara’s design are mixed. While some fans praise her overall appearance and particularly her wings, others note the similarities between her outfit and those of other characters, featuring open-toe shoes and metallic armor plates akin to Ashrah’s attire. Some fans have also voiced concerns about Nitara’s headpiece and hair, expressing hope that these elements can be customized in the game.

Despite these critiques and desires for the revival of Nitara’s edgier style, the majority of Mortal Kombat fans are delighted to see Nitara’s return, even if her new look deviates significantly from her previous incarnation

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