MultiVersus Has Made Harley Quinn And Wonder Woman’s Outfits Less Revealing

MultiVersus Has Made Harley Quinn And Wonder Woman's Outfits Less Revealing

Date: January 04, 2024

By Hanna Rose

The MultiVersus promo at McDonald’s has revealed new renders for all the fighters and notably made some outfits less revealing.

The latest character renders unveiled through the collaborative effort between MultiVersus and McDonald’s indicate notable modifications to the outfits of Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, aimed at reducing their level of exposure.

Reflecting on the tumultuous year of 2023 for MultiVersus enthusiasts, marked by the temporary game shutdown in March, the community faced a significant setback. However, recent positive developments, including updates and teasers from Player First Games, have begun to restore optimism. The promise of forthcoming information has added to the positive momentum.

Just four days into 2024, a sneak peek into MultiVersus’ future surfaced with the launch of a McDonald’s promotion in select European countries. The McDonald’s website update showcased new renders for nearly the entire game roster, excluding a few characters deemed inappropriate for a younger audience, such as Rick and Morty.

While most characters experienced minor artistic adjustments in the new renders, two characters, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, underwent substantial changes. The alterations, as revealed by reliable MultiVersus insider MVSDonkDonk, involve less revealing outfits for both characters.

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A closer look at Harley Quinn’s updated attire reveals more than just a change in color – her midriff, upper thighs, and chest are now entirely covered. Similarly, Wonder Woman sports new armor that fully conceals her legs, with her shield strategically placed in front of her chest.

These adjustments may seem peculiar, but their rationale becomes clear when considering the context – a McDonald’s promotion, specifically targeting Happy Meal sales. Whether these redesigned outfits will become a permanent feature in MultiVersus remains uncertain. It appears more likely that they are tailored for this collaboration with McDonald’s and may not represent a permanent shift in character designs for the game.

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