MultiVersus McDonald’s Promo Reveals New Character Renders, Hints At 24th Character

MultiVersus McDonald's Promo Reveals New Character Renders, Hints At 24th Character

Date: January 03, 2024

By Hanna Rose

McDonald’s MultiVersus crossover has gone live after months of rumours, and it gives us a look at the roster’s updated design.

The long-anticipated MultiVersus promotion at McDonald’s has finally launched, providing a fresh glimpse at updated character renders for most fighters on the roster. Moreover, it seems to drop hints about the possible reveal of the 24th playable character.

While this year has had its challenges, MultiVersus enthusiasts can now rejoice as things appear to be turning around. Since the game went offline early last year, fans have patiently awaited any news, a suspenseful period punctuated by teases and confirmations from the developers in recent months.

Although the game’s relaunch remains unseen, McDonald’s has offered morsels of information. Last month, stickers in European countries hinted at MultiVersus being the next Happy Meal collaboration, providing the closest thing to news at the time. This was later confirmed on the McDonald’s website, signaling the imminent arrival of the promotion.

The “soon” mentioned before materialized yesterday, with the promotion already live in certain regions. Apart from introducing collectible cards, the promotion showcases updated renders for nearly all characters on the roster, as evident in a shared image of one of the cards by reliable MultiVersus insider AusilMV.

The card prominently displays refreshed designs for characters such as Harley (slightly obscured for the promo), Wonder Woman, Black Adam, and more. As a Steven Universe fan, it’s pleasing to note that the character received an excellent treatment, now closely resembling the show. The only missing piece is a Future variant.

While it’s exciting to witness updated looks for the main roster, one intriguing aspect of the collaboration is highlighted by Twitter user PapaGenos. The McDonald’s website description for the tie-in mentions players can “collect all 24 iconic characters,” a fascinating revelation since MultiVersus currently features only 23 fighters.

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This could potentially suggest that the McDonald’s crossover will unveil a new character. However, there are alternative explanations to consider. The description might be a simple typo, or it might be counting alternate skins like Fern, Cake, and Uncle Shagworthy as separate characters. Alternatively, it could consider Tom and Jerry, a duo fighter, as distinct characters on separate cards.

Despite the wealth of information from the MultiVersus McDonald’s crossover, the possibility of a hidden 24th character in Happy Meals is still uncertain. At this point, it seems more plausible to attribute it to a mistake. Nevertheless, it’s evident that something significant is on the horizon for MultiVersus.

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