Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections’ First Wave Of DLC Has Seemingly Leaked

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections' First Wave Of DLC Has Seemingly Leaked

Date: November 17, 2023

By Hanna Rose

A dataminer may have already uncovered the first wave of DLC for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections.
The initial batch of downloadable content (DLC) characters for Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections appears to have been uncovered through game datamining, much to the delight of dedicated Naruto fans. Following years of anticipation, today marks the launch of the first installment in the series since 2016’s Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Despite the game already featuring 10 new characters for enthusiasts, the revelation of an upcoming season pass a few months ago suggests that more additions are on the horizon.

While fans have been speculating about the identities of the five future DLC characters, coupled with some expressing frustration over what they perceive as a reissue of an older game, a potential end to the speculation may be in sight.

Twitter user MoeruStorm, who initiated the datamining process on Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections a few days ago, has shared their findings. Most of the discoveries so far consist of costumes and leftover art, but MoeruStorm also provided a list of potential wave one DLC characters: Hagorom, Isshiki, Kurenai, Kawaki (Karma), and Boruto (Momoshiki).

Backing up the credibility of the list, MoeruStorm shared a leaked image of the user interface related to the characters. The selection of characters is not entirely surprising, with Hagoromo and Isshiki being among the few remaining Otsutsuki family members yet to make an appearance in the Storm series.

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Evolved versions of Boruto and Kawaki are also expected additions. The unexpected inclusion in this DLC wave is Kurenai, a significant pre-time skip character and master of Genjutsu, whose inclusion has been a longstanding request from fans.

Interestingly, this leaked roster aligns closely with what Senju in Japan had previously predicted for the game, adding weight to the legitimacy of the information. The only notable discrepancy is the absence of an adult version of Konohamaru, a character whose exclusion is surprising given the expectations for Connections. It wouldn’t be surprising if additional DLC characters are introduced later in the game’s lifecycle.

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