New Honkai Star Rail character is Dr Ratio, and yes I’m serious

New Honkai Star Rail character is Dr Ratio, and yes I'm serious

Date: November 01, 2023

By Hanna Rose

HoYoverse has introduced the characters for the upcoming Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update, with Dr. Ratio taking the lead. Despite his somewhat peculiar name, Dr. Ratio is a character worthy of serious consideration. He will headline the first Star Rail banners of 2024 alongside two other intriguing characters.

Let’s start with Dr. Ratio, a member of the Intelligentsia Guild, a group dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, much like Herta. Dr. Ratio shares Herta’s direct and no-nonsense communication style. HoYoverse introduced him with the memorable quote, “The most annoying thing about idiocy is that you can’t explain it to an idiot.” However, unlike Herta, Dr. Ratio believes in the potential for everyone to learn and improve themselves.

On the practical side, Dr. Ratio specializes in the Hunt path and wields Imaginary as his element. This combination is a unique addition to the game, as the first of its kind since the free-to-play game’s launch in April 2023. Dr. Ratio stands out as a single-target damage dealer who doesn’t deplete skill points, making him an appealing choice for those seeking serious Imaginary damage.

Moving on to the 5-star character, Ruan Mei, who follows the Harmony path, known in Star Rail lingo as a support character. Ruan Mei harnesses the power of ice as her element and brings a fascinating twist to the game.

She has previously collaborated with Screwllum and Herta on the Simulated Universe and is renowned for her unyielding determination. Currently, Star Rail boasts only four Harmony characters, but Ruan Mei’s support skills introduce a variety of new team-building possibilities.

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Lastly, we have Xuyei, a 4-star Quantum character who follows the Destruction path. Xuyei’s primary occupation involves tracking down criminals, but she also enjoys the quieter pastime of embroidery when not pursuing ne’er-do-wells.

The combination of Quantum and Destruction is a fresh addition to the game. Moreover, the fact that Xuyei is a 4-star character sets her apart. Arlan is the sole 4-star Destruction character currently available, and he hasn’t earned top-tier status on our Star Rail tier list for a reason.

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