Pokemon x Fendi’s Year Of The Dragon Collection Includes A Dragonite-Shaped Bag

Pokemon x Fendi's Year Of The Dragon Collection Includes A Dragonite-Shaped Bag

Date: December 15, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Pokemon has teamed up with Fendi to create a collection that includes a mini Dragonite-shaped bag.

It’s noteworthy that despite its longstanding dominance in the industry for over 25 years and numerous collaborations with various companies, Pokemon consistently forges partnerships with fresh entities almost every week. The latest collaboration involves Fendi, a prestigious Italian fashion brand with nearly a century of history. Together, they’ve crafted a collection of bags to commemorate the year of the dragon, featuring prominent Dragon-type Pokemon.

Fendi has unveiled seven items in its Pokemon collection, showcasing Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. A standout piece is a bag, referred to as a “baguette” by Fendi, modeled after the character Dragonite. Displayed alongside a slightly smaller Dratini marquetry bag, it remains uncertain whether these items are sold as a set or individually. While prices are yet to be disclosed, it’s anticipated that any item from this collection will come with a significant price tag.

Pokemon x Fendi's Year Of The Dragon Collection Includes A Dragonite-Shaped Bag

Other notable pieces include an embroidered bag featuring all three Pokemon, a men’s ISeeU bag capturing Dragonite in the midst of an attack, and a larger bag with Dragonite in flight. The entire Pokemon x Fendi x Frgmt collection will be available for purchase at Fendi boutiques and online starting January 4, 2024, marking a stylish kickoff to the year of the dragon. However, prospective buyers should be prepared for a substantial investment, given the expected high costs.

Although specific prices for the bags remain undisclosed, comparable items from Fendi typically command prices in the thousands. These luxury accessories are likely targeted at the same avid Pokemon enthusiasts who invested in the Tiffany & Co. collection. While perhaps not reaching the exorbitant prices of the Tiffany collection’s flagship piece—a solid gold, diamond-studded Pikachu priced just under $31,000—these bags are still positioned as premium items. For Pokemon Go enthusiasts on a budget, virtual Fendi items will offer a more affordable alternative.

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Recognizing that not all Pokemon fans can splurge on high-end fashion, there are more budget-friendly options available. GameStop, for instance, offers Pokemon waffle makers that imprint your favorite Pokemon onto your breakfast. Additionally, for those who opted to delay their purchase of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl at launch, the games are now available for as little as $19.99 each.

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