Pubg Mobile Free UC: How to Get UC (Unknown Cash) Without Spending a Dime

Pubg Mobile Free UC: How to Get UC (Unknown Cash) Without Spending a Dime

Are you an avid PUBG Mobile player looking to enhance your gaming experience by acquiring more UC (Unknown Cash)? UC is a virtual currency in PUBG Mobile that allows you to purchase various in-game items, cosmetics, and battle passes. While UC can be obtained by spending real money, not everyone can afford to do so.

But fret not! In this article, we will share various legitimate methods to get Pubg Mobile Free UC without spending a dime. From in-game events and rewards to online platforms that offer UC as a giveaway, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of free UC in PUBG Mobile!

How to Earn Pubg Mobile Free UC

1. Completing Daily and Weekly Missions

One of the easiest ways to earn Pubg Mobile Free UC is by completing daily and weekly missions. PUBG Mobile frequently offers missions and challenges to players, which can reward you with UC upon successful completion. Keep an eye on the mission tab and focus on accomplishing the tasks to accumulate UC gradually.

2. Participating in Events

PUBG Mobile regularly hosts various in-game events that offer rewards, including UC. These events can be seasonal, festival-themed, or related to specific game updates. Participate actively in these events to earn free UC and other exciting prizes.

3. Utilizing Royale Pass

The Royale Pass is a premium feature in PUBG Mobile that offers numerous rewards, including UC. While the Elite Royale Pass requires payment, the Free Royale Pass can still provide you with some UC as you progress through its tiers. Play regularly, complete missions, and rank up in the Royale Pass to gain UC rewards.

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4. Joining Giveaway Contests

Keep an eye on official PUBG Mobile social media accounts, as well as gaming forums and communities. Many content creators and PUBG Mobile enthusiasts host giveaway contests where they distribute free UC and other in-game rewards. Participate in these contests and try your luck to win some UC.

5. Using Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a mobile app that rewards users with Google Play credits for participating in surveys. While you can’t directly earn UC from this app, you can use the earned credits to purchase UC in the PUBG Mobile app. It’s a great way to convert your spare time into virtual currency!

6. Watching Ads and Videos

PUBG Mobile sometimes offers UC rewards for watching advertisements or promotional videos within the game. It might not be a significant amount, but watching these ads can add up over time and give you some UC to spend on in-game items.

7. Availing In-Game Offers

Keep an eye on in-game offers and discounts provided by PUBG Mobile. Occasionally, they offer UC at discounted rates or provide bonus UC when you purchase a specific package. Utilize these offers to get more UC value for your money.

8. Participating in Tournaments

If you are a skilled PUBG Mobile player, consider participating in tournaments or competitions. Some tournaments offer UC rewards for top-performing players. Compete with others and showcase your gaming prowess to win UC and recognition.

9. Refer a Friend Program

PUBG Mobile sometimes introduces a “Refer a Friend” program, where you can earn rewards, including UC, by inviting friends to join the game. If you have friends who haven’t tried PUBG Mobile yet, this is an excellent opportunity to invite them and earn some UC in the process.

10. Exchange UC from BP (Battle Points)

Collect BP by playing matches regularly. Once you have accumulated a significant amount, you can exchange it for UC. Though the conversion rate might not be high, it’s still a legitimate way to get free UC.

How to get Pubg Mobile Free UC App?

UC is the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile, and it can be acquired legally through legitimate means. Here are some official ways to get Pubg Mobile Free UC :

  1. In-app Purchases: You can buy UC directly from the in-game store using real money. There are various denominations available, and you can choose the one that suits your budget.
  2. Events and Offers: Keep an eye on in-game events, challenges, and special offers. PUBG Mobile frequently provides UC as rewards for participating in events or purchasing specific items during promotional periods.
  3. Elite Pass: By purchasing the Elite Pass (also known as Royale Pass), you can earn UC as you level up and complete missions during the season.
  4. Redeem Codes: Occasionally, PUBG Mobile releases redeem codes that provide free UC or other rewards. Keep an eye on official social media channels and community announcements for these codes.
  5. Gifts from Friends: PUBG Mobile allows players to send and receive gifts, including UC, from their friends in the game.


In conclusion, obtaining Pubg Mobile Free UC is possible through various legitimate methods. Whether you prefer completing missions, participating in events, or taking part in giveaway contests, there are plenty of opportunities to accumulate UC without spending real money.

Remember to avoid scams and unauthorized sources claiming to provide free UC, as they can jeopardize your gaming experience and account security. Stick to the official channels and methods shared in this article to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey in PUBG Mobile.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring these methods and enhance your gaming experience in PUBG Mobile without breaking the bank!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I really get Pubg Mobile Free UC without any hacks or cheats?

Absolutely! All the methods mentioned in this article are legitimate and approved by PUBG Mobile. There’s no need to resort to hacks or cheats, which can lead to severe consequences, including account bans.

Are online generators or websites offering free UC reliable?

No, most of the websites or online generators claiming to provide free UC are scams. They often ask for personal information or make you download suspicious files that can harm your device or compromise your account. Stick to the official methods mentioned in this article to stay safe.

Is it safe to participate in giveaway contests for free UC?

Yes, participating in legitimate giveaway contests hosted by trustworthy content creators or PUBG Mobile official accounts is safe. Just ensure you’re not sharing sensitive information, and follow the contest rules.

Can I gift UC to my friends?

Yes, PUBG Mobile allows players to gift UC to their friends. If you have extra UC or want to surprise your gaming buddies, this is a great way to do it!

How often does PUBG Mobile introduce free UC events?

PUBG Mobile frequently introduces events and offers that reward players with free UC. Keep an eye on the in-game announcements and official social media channels to stay updated.

What are the alternatives to UC for purchasing in-game items?

Apart from UC, PUBG Mobile also has other in-game currencies like BP (Battle Points) and AG (AceGold). While UC is primarily used for premium items, BP and AG can also be used to purchase various cosmetics and rewards.

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