The Xbox Series X Is 10 Percent Off On This Black FridayThis Black Friday

The Xbox Series X Is 10 Percent Off On This Black Friday

Date: November 2, 2023

By Hanna Rose

This Black Friday is the perfect time to join the new generation of Xbox.

Embrace the savings and splurges this Black Friday, the ultimate season for both frugal and extravagant enthusiasts. Diverse deals are flourishing across various platforms and retailers, making it an opportune moment for consumers.

Microsoft’s premier gaming console, the Xbox Series X, is currently available at a tempting ten percent discount. Previously elusive, the console struggled with scarcity, and many of its games were compatible with last-gen technology. Consequently, it didn’t always command the attention of even the most dedicated gamers. However, the tide is turning.

The system is witnessing an influx of exclusive titles, and gameplay experience is notably enhanced on the Xbox Series X compared to its predecessor. Moreover, the console is consistently in stock, marking a positive shift.

Yet, the available stock may dwindle, as the console is presently offered at a $50 discount, bringing its price down to $450. If you’ve been contemplating stepping into the new era of Xbox gaming, now might be the ideal moment.

Equipped with expected features like a wireless controller, 1TB internal hard drive, and an ultra-high-speed HDMI cable, this version, unlike the Xbox Series S, boasts a disk drive, allowing you to enjoy Blu-rays and physical games. It also outshines the Series S in terms of power.

Despite lacking bundled content for the disk drive, solutions abound. Consider subscribing to Xbox Game Pass, a gaming service akin to a streaming platform, offering a plethora of games for immediate installation on your console.

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Alternatively, explore the ongoing Black Friday deals for games and accessories on our Xbox deals page. Whether it’s an extra controller for gaming companions or other enhancements for your new console, options abound.

For those still on the fence about the Xbox Series X, peruse our Nintendo Black Friday deals guide or our PlayStation deals, both featuring exceptional offers on games, consoles, and accessories.

Seize the opportunity to transition to the latest console gaming generation, made more affordable by Black Friday.

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