Sea Of Stars Is Getting A Physical Release You Can Pre-Order Right Now

Sea Of Stars Is Getting A Physical Release You Can Pre-Order Right Now

Date: January 19, 2024

By Hanna Rose

In 2023, among the myriad of games that you ought to have experienced amidst various distractions, there’s one that’s making its mark by releasing a physical version.

In 2023, a multitude of exceptional games hit the market, and if you tend to favor physical copies over digital ones, there’s a good chance you might have overlooked some gems. Until recently, Sea of Stars fell into the digital-only category, standing out as a remarkable RPG crafted by the developers of The Messenger. If Sea of Stars has been on your gaming radar, and you’re eager to secure a physical copy, I’ve got some exciting news for you.

Sea of Stars is receiving a physical edition, set to launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, and you can now pre-order your copy. However, there’s a slight catch. To reserve your physical version of Sea of Stars through the provided link below, you’ll need to opt for the iam8bit exclusive edition. While this edition may be slightly pricier than the standard retail version, which hits the shelves on May 10, 2024, it comes with some enticing extras.

Included in the iam8bit exclusive edition of the physical game is a slipcase, poster, sticker sheets, digital soundtrack, and a nostalgic touch—a retro-style manual. Think back to the days when you’d eagerly read through game manuals on the way home after buying a new game as a kid; this addition adds a charming vintage vibe to Sea of Stars, which draws inspiration from past RPGs.

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For $44.99, getting a physical copy of Sea of Stars bundled with all the iam8bit exclusive edition extras seems like a fantastic deal. It’s worth noting that, unlike the retail edition, the exclusive version currently lacks a specific release date, offering only a broad Q2 2024 timeframe. However, it’s likely that its release will coincide with or be around the same time as the retail edition.

While several notable games in 2023 missed out on physical releases, the start of 2024 brings positive news for some, including Sea of Stars and even Baldur’s Gate 3, which is set to receive a similar physical release with additional perks. Unfortunately, there’s still no indication of a physical release for Alan Wake 2, even after THQ Nordic expressed interest in handling the physical distribution when Remedy initially announced it would be digital-only.

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